Ucamco enhances CAM productivity with UCAM Version 8.4

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Ucamco (formerly Barco ETS) announce the release of the latest version of their flagship UCAM PCB CAM software v8.4.1.

Now securely established as an independent supplier of high-technology PCB front-end engineering systems and laser photoplotters, Ucamco is pushing ahead with new software releases to boost the productivity of their customers.

The new software version further automates routine operations on both rigid and flexible PCBs. Menu-driven automation gives the user complete control and single-click operation without the need for special programming. New one-click functions include removing unused inner-layer pads, setting special clearances for fiducial pads or optimising track runs on flexible circuits.

System integration is critical to increased productivity. UCAM v8.4 includes a faster and more intuitive link to Ucamco’s powerful sales tool, Integr8tor. Support for ODB++ v7 links UCAM seamlessly to other CAM and assembly programs.

UCAM v8.4 now supports multitasking 64-bit Windows software. To improve throughput CAM engineers can run several programs simultaneously on the same workstation.

Karel Tavernier, Ucamco’s Managing Director, comments: “At Ucamco, we are fully committed to increasing our users’ productivity to enhance their competitive edge in today’s global PCB market. We listen carefully to our users’ feedback. The new features in v8.4 have been introduced in response to specific user requests.”

The upgrade to UCAM v8.4.1 is free of charge to all UCAM users with systems covered by warranty or Maintenance Contract.

For more information please visit the Software page on our website http://www.ucamco.com or feel free to contact Ucamco at info@ucamco.com