Tooling Module

  • OnTrack is responsible for tooling all Gardien services

Test Module

  • Responsible for all electrical test activities on our productions floors
  • Simplified barcoded production floor (quick job to job movement)
  • Job by job yield information
  • Certificate of Compliance generation

Production planning and scheduling

  • Automated load balancing for day to day production
  • Suggested job processing times for each job

KPI module reporting for Gardien and Customer/Clients

  • Status reports on all job processing
  • Service Centre, Customer/client yield

Training and Awareness module

  • Team member knowledge grading
  • Notification of necessary training and/or grading

Maintenance module responsible for control of equipment

  • Preventative maintenance control and reporting
  • Calibration reports and frequency

Quality module responsible for control of quality functions

  • Customer/client complaint tracking
  • RMA tracking and reporting
  • CAR tracking and reporting
  • PAR tracking and reporting