Who is it for?

'Integrate' is a fully customized solution, so we can adapt it to companies of all sizes. We have clients with only 4 staff in their QA dept and equally, Gardien are present in facilities that generate over $100 million of revenue. What drives Integrate suitability are a combination of factors, ranging from QA requirements through to your service expectations.


We offer Partnership Pricing for our Integrate solution.  Payment is based on product that actually passes quality assurance, not on panels produced or tested. It’s what makes the service unique as it shifts the nature of our relationship from one of a supplier to one of a partner. Our success is built entirely on how successful we can help you become.

Type of contract

As the solution focuses on the individual needs of a customer, no two contracts are exactly the same.  We typically sign a three year agreement which is built around our conversations, site survey and review of current and future product requirements.

10 Customer Benefits

  1. Visibility

    From the moment we engage in a site survey to assess the suitability of an Integrate solution our clients gain from a better understanding of the real cost of quality, which often is disbursed throughout the facility

  2. Process Improvements

    Benefit from Gardien’s Global knowledge of working with 100’s of PCB fabricators

  3. Financial

    Integrate allows clients to re-allocate Capex to value add areas of production as Gardien is responsible for the equipment needs of the QA department

  4. Competitive Advantage

    Clients boards have undergone ‘independent quality verification’

  5. Data

    Gardien’s data generation provides an alternative view of mission critical KPI’s

  6. Pricing Mechanism

    Gardien’s pricing model ensures goals and objectives are perfectly ‘in-sync’ with our client

  7. Proactive Management & Quality

    We operate numerous systems to drive efficiency and quality verification PRIOR to testing

  8. Equipment Flexibility

    Gardien will rent or buy client’s existing equipment, and when needed, replace it at our expense

  9. Equipment Maintenance

    Maintenance, repair & calibration is included in the service and proactively managed via our OnTrack IT system

  10. Responsibility for quality

    Gardien guarantees our clients quality and is responsible for escapes / reimbursements