Gardien improves your processes

AOI addresses the challenges of ever-increasing PCB density and diversity by introducing a repeatable, objective, precise, high-resolution inspection stage to identify a huge range of potential problems in your boards before they arise, or are released to your customers. Using AOI, Gardien can help you to detect problems that could otherwise slip through the manufacturing process. Problems that could compromise the functionality of your PCBs:

  • Violations in line widths or spacing
  • Excess and missing copper
  • Missing, extra, or badly-placed features
  • Wrongly sized apertures
  • Short circuits or near short circuits
  • Cuts
  • Hole breakages (holes drilled off their landing pads)
  • Step-and-repeat errors
  • Positional errors

Gardien does it quickly

Using its industry-beating AOI technologies, Gardien can detect issues  in seconds, helping you to catch them early enough to eliminate them from your processes.

With Gardien’s early AOI coverage, you can catch and eliminate production problems before they develop, improving imaging and etching processes as well as other.

Inner layers: Save up to 180% of the costs of AOI on your inner layers with Gardien

As board features have become finer and more densely packed, the AOI process has become critical as a method for checking the inner layers of a PCB before they are stacked and pressed together.

By conducting AOI on your inner layers, Gardien can help you catch problems in your imaging and etching processes before they develop into serious production issues. By finding and fixing your problems early on, we reduce your inner layer scrap by up to 90% and help you save up to 80% more than the costs of our service.

Outer layers: save up to 200% of the costs of AOI on your outer layers with Gardien

The benefits of conducting AOI on outer layers cannot be overstated. As many as 55% of all of a PCB’s shorts are typically to be found on its outer layers. If these are detected before soldermask is applied, they can be repaired, with significant savings to you, in materials, overheads, human and other resources, not to mention your company’s reputation as a quality supplier of PCBs.


Early feedback of board defects

Detects active and potential problems early, allowing production errors to be corrected, fast

Increased yields

More boards are repaired rather than being consigned to waste

Reduced electrical test costs while increasing throughputs

AOI identifies many defects prior to electrical test, reducing the time needed for test

Increased on-time delivery rate

AOI speeds overall manufacturing processes

Process-related defects eliminated

AOI identifies defects such as opens, shorts, mouse bits, pin holes, excess copper, dish downs, excess media distortion and line width variation

CAD-related defects eliminated

AOI detects missing or extra features, wrong aperture sizes, step-and-repeat and positional errors

Powerful versatility

Gardien AOI can inspect various media including etched copper (both shiny and reverse treated), photo resist over copper, silver halide and diazo