The Gardien guarantee

Shorter lead times

Equipped with state-of-the art design data processing capabilities, Gardien’s CAM Engineering Centers work around the clock to deliver your test programs when you need them.

Reduced front-end cam engineer work load

We are there to take the strain when your own engineering capacities are stretched to the limit, or if you simply want to reduce the fixed costs of engineering and deploy your own engineers’ precious capabilities in more productive ways.

Optimized data preparation

With a deep understanding of the PCB manufacturing and test processes, our dedicated back-end engineers will optimize your test programs by converting your data into top quality tools and test files.

Expertise and security

Rather than generating fixture or flying probe programs from your Netlists, we generate our own from your raw data using in-house developed sophisticated productivity improvement tools, and compare these with the Netlists you provide. It gives you and your clients the added security of a first stage quality control check and helps towards a zero defect production processes.

Leading edge software from Ucamco

Unless your processes call for alternative software, all of our CAM Engineering Centers use UCAM software from Gardien’s primary software partner UCAMCO, guaranteeing you standardized processes and Gardien’s consistent top quality service, wherever you may be.

Data Formats Accepted

Raw Data Input

Gardien can import your raw data files in the following formats:

  • Gerber
  • Gerber 274x
  • MDA
  • DXF
  • Orbotech 2002
  • Orbotech 5000
  • ODB++

Customer Netlists

Gardien can import your Netlist in the following formats:

  • IPCD-356 or any revision of this
  • Mentor