Automated final inspection

Gardien solutions

As a solution provider we identify the most appropriate technology and services to meet the needs of our customers. In combination with manual visual inspection and necessary verification and repair, Gardien’s experienced technicians use advanced AVI equipment to provide final inspection on module boards, IC substrates and HDI boards, meeting strict customer requirements.

AVI Technology

We regularly monitor the market and work with the major technology providers in this field to ensure we have the best equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

Our AVI equipment has built-in highly sensitive cameras, optimized illumination systems and intelligent software analysis which help to identify a wide range of defects.

Complicated PCB Features

As technology demands more complicated PCB features the need for more reliable final inspection is even more important. AVI equipment uses cameras to find defects on final PCB products which have more complicated features such as solder mask, plating, silk screen and pad/holes, across a combination of different PCB types. 


Manual final inspection

Automated visual inspection is ideally suited to low mix, high volume production enviroments as this allows for the system's software to be 'fine tuned' to correctly identify issues without being overly sensitive.  In facilities where product mix is higher and production volumes are lower, manual inspection is still the most suitable way forward.  

Gardien has extensive experience in providing manual inspection services and our staff undergo many months of training in order to provide fast and accurate verification of our clients boards.  Additionally, we use our purpose built ERP system 'OnTrack' to oversee final inspection processes and proactively manage staff training levels and qualifications to keep our team's skills up to date.