Why choose Gardien?


Gardien utilizes industry leading Ucamco software to ensure that our fixtures will provide fast, reliable service regardless of your equipment type.

On time, every time

Whether you need your fixture programmed, drilled, or built from start to finish, we offer standard lead times of 2-3 days. Our expedited service is as fast as ‘overnight’.

Guaranteed test confidence

With Gardien’s dedicated programming expertise, you get the optimum test coverage for your boards with the process throughputs you need.

Leading edge capabilities

Single Density (SD), Double Density (DD), Quadruple Density (QD) and Octo Density (OD) arrays in fixtures up to 650mm x 650mm (25.6″ x 25.6″). Our technology enables us to place as many as 60,000 pins down to just 150um for complex, high density boards.

Minimum marking

Gardien fixtures are built to deliver uniform pin pressure to minimize test point marking.

Quality materials, precision fixtures

We only use the best materials for your fixtures, ensuring their dimensional stability through careful temperature and humidity control around the clock.

Gardien fixture services


We’ll generate an optimized fixture drilling program and Netlist from your CAM data which will allow you to drill and build your own test fixture.

Fixture drilling

Keep your drills available for PCB production and let us drill the fixture plates to ensure high precision pin placement.

Fixture rental

Gardien will design, drill, build, debug and ship a fixture to you. When you’re finished send us back the reusable parts and you’ll only pay for what you used.

Fixture ownership

Gardien will design, drill, build, debug and ship a fixture to you. Ownership is 100% yours.

Gardien fixture capabilities